Rosie Cusswell

This violent halfling is quite well versed in the proper use of foul language.


Name: Rosie Cusswell
Alignment: Unknown at this time.
Race: Halfling
Class: Fighter
Likes: Unknown at this time
Dislikes: Unknown at this time

Relationship score:
Aldwyn Dunleavy: 3
Bayu: N/A
Farrow Evora: 5
Serena the Half-Damned: 5
Tabni ‘Tabbi’ Ishtar: 5
Zamiel the Bastard: 5

Relationship Type:
Aldwyn Dunleavy: To be determined
Bayu: N/A
Farrow Evora: N/A
Serena the Half-Damned: To be determined
Tabni ‘Tabbi’ Ishtar: To be determined
Zamiel the Bastard: To be determined

Current Attitude Towards:
Aldwyn Dunleavy: Positive Acquaintance
Bayu: N/A
Farrow Evora: Positive Acquaintance
Serena the Half-Damned: Positive Acquaintance
Tabni ‘Tabbi’ Ishtar: Positive Acquaintance
Zamiel the Bastard: Positive Acquaintance


Rosie Cusswell

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