Sandara Quinn

A devoted follower of Besmara, Sandara is a Keeper of the Code.


Name: Sandara Quinn
Alignment: Unknown
Race: Human
Class: Cleric of Besmara
Likes: Besmara
Dislikes: Unknown

Relationship score:
Aldwyn Dunleavy: 8
Bayu: N/A
Farrow Evora: 13
Serena the Half-Damned: 9
Tabni ‘Tabbi’ Ishtar: 9
Zamiel the Bastard: 9

Relationship Type:
Aldwyn Dunleavy: To be determined
Bayu: N/A
Farrow Evora: N/A
Serena the Half-Damned: To be determined
Tabni ‘Tabbi’ Ishtar: To be determined
Zamiel the Bastard: To be determined

Current Attitude Towards:
Aldwyn Dunleavy: Ally
Bayu: N/A
Farrow Evora: Friendly
Serena the Half-Damned: Ally
Tabni ‘Tabbi’ Ishtar: Ally
Zamiel the Bastard: Ally


Sandara Quinn

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