The Wormwood works on discipline and routine. Captain Harrigan’s philosophy is that a busy swab is a tired swab, and tired swabs don’t pick fights with each other. After breakfast, the crew work at their allotted jobs until dusk, when they gather on the main deck to witness punishments (the “Bloody Hour”), eat dinner, and receive their rum rations. After punishment time and the evening meal, the crew can do what they wish until dawn bell the next morning.

Each day, the PCs are assigned tasks to complete, based on the their jobs (cook’s mate, rigger, or swab). Each task represents a day’s hard work and requires at least one successful skill check to complete. Failing a task’s required skill check results in punishment.

Work takes place under the watchful eyes of Mr. Plugg, Master Scourge, or another officer, and getting away from the first two is not easy. If a PC refuses to work or is unable to work, he or she receives an immediate punishment if caught; if they aren’t caught not working at that moment, they will be when they are either tattled on or it is obvious they didn’t work.

Swab Tasks
Rigger Tasks
Cook’s Mate Tasks


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