The Foredeck

Map Marker: A1

Description: This raised deck stands some 10 feet above the main deck (area A3), immediately behind the bowsprit, which is shaped like a rearing dragon. The foremast rises 30 feet above this deck.

Status: Nothing to find here.

Common Daytime Crew Members: Sandara Quinn, Trio Trinity Triad, Crimson ‘Cog’ Cogward, Jaundiced Jape, Giffer Tibbs, Rosie Cusswell, Pravus Malum, Tam Narwhal Jate

Common Daytime Officers: Habbly Quarne the Stitchman, Master Scourge, Patches Patch Patchsalt, Kipper

Daytime Tasks that take place here: Swab the Decks, Hauling Ropes and Knot Work, Runner, Rope Work

The Foredeck

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